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Meet Katherine

Hi, I’m Katherine!
Welcome to my site and thanks so much for being here. On this page I want to share a little about myself and the story of Walton Cake Boutique.

I currently live in Sydney, Australia, with my husband and our two beautiful children. At present Walton Cake Boutique is just me, spending much time in my kitchen, coming up with new tutorials, creating new recipes (adjusting them over and over again) then filming and editing the content I create. Everything I do has to pass the ultimate test, namely a very involved husband and way too cheeky kids!

Before Walton Cake Boutique even existed, I worked as a Registered Nurse (in surgical services) until 2013 and, after having my kids, I stumbled across the exciting world of baking and into an amazing community on social media.

My family and friends would tell you I have always had a passion for cooking. I am known for making sure no one leaves feeling hungry! My interest in baking sweet desserts began back when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t until my kids were born that I dedicated time to really get into baking. The start of everything was having to bake cupcakes for school to raise funds and also realising that I wanted to make my kids’ birthday cakes every year. My first ever cake was for my son’s 1st birthday (it was cute, but I knew I wanted to improve!). A dear friend saw my work and suggested I post the photos and videos on social media, I did, and Walton Cake Boutique was born!

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The start of this baking journey began on Instagram, back in May of 2018, where I found myself posting everything I was learning. It always seemed that there was a gap in resources available for people wanting to learn, like myself, so I decided to create tutorials to help others, no matter their skill level and without any geographical or economical boundaries. Providing an avenue for anyone wanting to learn without barriers is one of my most heartfelt missions.

In 2019, I expanded Walton Cake Boutique by launching a YouTube channel, Facebook page and a website to share my tutorials and my recipes. My social media reach in the baking community expanded beyond anything I could have dreamed of. My favourite thing has been making great new friends but I have also gotten to work with amazing brands and have featured in different media outlets, including the New York Times.

Baking is a social activity so collaborations with other members of the community is fundamental. This lead to me founding the “Never Miss a Collab” page, on Instagram which brings together members of all food and drinks communities who share a love of creating and cooking. I have also had the pleasure to host and co-host many collaborations in the cake community.

I hope you love this site. My goal with it is to provide a safe, welcoming, space available to anyone who wants to learn how to bake, expand their knowledge, build new skills, or maybe just watch super satisfying videos.

I hope you will join me on the journey. Feel free to contact me through email (details at the bottom of this page and in the contact section) or message me on any of my social media platforms. I’d love to hear from you!

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