Pink Ombre Cupcakes

These gorgeous Pink Ombre Cupcakes are simple to make. You will need an easy to pipe frosting and a delicious cupcake recipe. Four piping tips of your choice and only one food colouring to create the Ombre effect which in French means “shaded” or in other words the gradual blending of colours within the same hue.

Ombre Cupcake using Ateco piping tips and Wilton tips.

In my video below I used my Italian Buttercream recipe and my Dutch Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe. You can also use other frosting and cupcake recipes to create this beautiful Ombre effect.

I used piping tips Ateco 888, Ateco 887, Ateco 194 and Wilton tip 21, to create a ruffle effect without having to use a Russian tip.

Pink Ombre Cupcakes Using Piping Tips Ateco and Wilton.

Items you will need and Instructions:

-Watch my how to video posted above.

-A cupcake recipe.

-A frosting recipe.

-Piping tips of similar characteristics to create a gradual piping technique. In my demonstration I used piping tips Ateco 888, Ateco 887, Ateco 194, and Wilton tip 21.

-Piping bags. I used four, 12″ sized disposable piping bags.

-Food colouring of choice. I used Rainbow Dust ProGel colour Pink.

-Four Separate bowls to divide the colours. I began by adding food colouring to make the darkest pink in one bowl. Then, the second bowl had less food colouring to make a gradual lighter pink. The third bowl had much less food colouring than the second to create the lightest pink. No food colouring was added to the fourth bowl.

-Spoons or metal spatulas to add the frosting into the piping bags and to mix the food colour into the frosting.

-Food clips or similar to seal the piping bags. I use food clips from Ikea.

-Sprinkles are optional to decorate the cupcakes. I used Wilton Pearls and White Sanding Sugar.

 Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you have any questions! 🙂


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